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Tourism to the cosmodromes of Russia

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Technical complex

Technical complex is designed for pre-launch preparation, assembly and testing of the components of the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle. The unique feature of it is its versatility. It can service not only the Soyuz-2 family of launch vehicles, but also other types of rockets. 10 football fields could easily fit within its vast area. The key objects are of course two assembly and test facilities for the rocket and a spacecraft. During the tour guests will have the opportunity to talk about the features of the TC with representatives of highly specialized engineering staff, the real masters in their field, who found time to participate in the tour. Guests will learn about how and where the rocket and spacecraft are assembled, how the rocket is fueled, and much more.

Soyuz-2 rocket booster on dry run at Vostochny Cosmodrome
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Launch complex

The launch complex of the Vostochny cosmodrome is intended for Soyuz-2 rockets with a payload, which includes automatic spacecraft, cargo ships, and the use of upper stages and boosters. Pre-launch, start-up, and post-launch operations are carried out at the Launch complex, as well as work in case of launch cancellation. A special feature of the Vostochny launch complex is the mobile service tower, which not only protects workers and the rocket from bad weather, but also significantly facilitates maintenance at the launch site.

musei vostochny

Space museum

The Museum of Cosmonautics of the Vostochny cosmodrome is located on the territory of Tsiolkovsky Closed Administrative-territorial Formation.  Since the foundation of the Svobodny cosmodrome back in the day, residents and village Administration (ex. CATF Uglegorsk) very carefully treated the history of their town, recording every event that played a role in its fate. The Museum is small, but very cozy and well organized. It will tell You the entire chronology of events-from the Svobodny cosmodrome foundation till Vostochny cosmodrome. One of the Museum’s many valuable exhibits is an original capsule of the SOYUZ-TMA-07M spacecraft, as well as a bust of Gagarin, which is in the square near the Vostok cultural and recreation center. Roman Romanenko and American astronauts Thomas Mashburn and Chris Hadfield returned to earth in this capsule. Hadfield is the one who recorded his version of David Bowie’s great Space Oddity song while in orbit, and also mentions the Russian Soyuz launch vehicle that put the crew in orbit.